Wall socket set, flush-mounted variant without earth pin

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Wall socket setFlush-mounted PSSS2A1Variant without earth pin

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Flush-mounted wall socket set Powerfix PSSS2A1 consisting of4 earthed wall sockets4 single frames2 double frames1 triple framesThis set is NOT suitable for countries with earth pin (NOT for France, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia).Note! Installation only by persons with relevant knowledge and experience of electrical engineering! *)By performing an unprofessional installation, you endanger• your own life;• the lives of the people using the electrical system.By performing an unprofessional installation, you risk severe damage to property, e.g. from fire.You risk personal liability in the event of personal injury or property damage.Consult an electrician!*) Technical knowledge required for the installationThe following technical knowledge is required in particular for the installation:• the applicable “5 safety rules”:- disconnect power supply;- secure against reconnection;- confirm zero voltage;- earth and short-circuit;- cover or block off adjacent energised parts;• selection of suitable tools, measuring equipment, and personal protective equipment if appropriate;• evaluation of measurement results;• selection of electrical installation material to ensure disconnection conditions;• IP protection types;• installation of the electrical installation material;• type of supply network (TN system, IT system, TT system) and the resultant connection conditions (traditional earthing, protective earthing, necessary additional measures etc.).


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